This is a station with such a great Brisbane legacy, and its a privilege to be welcomed here, wherever our new and old listeners are tuning in from. 2022-06-30; I so hope 4KQ Breakfast team over too. SEN with their pure sports/talk format have taken over 4KQ. Im feeling really positive about the future.. No red flags on that one? The . visited to give a presentation about radio, and thats when I knew I wanted to be an announcer, said Laurel. This follows the sale of the station, a result of ARNs acquisition of a regional network and need to comply with Australias media ownership laws. The timing of the switch was not made clear, but the transaction was expected to be completed by July 1, subject to Australian Communications and Media Authority approval. Traffic reports were also aired hourly, with an increased 15-minute frequency during the weekday Breakfast programme, and 20-minute frequency during the weekday Drive programme. Sport presents the worst role models for the men of our society, resulting in out of control behaviour in families and in our society as a whole. Was Kyle Sandilands auditioning for a new job? I would like to thank Laurel, Gary and Mark and the entire team at 4KQ who helped make the station such a success story.. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ill keep my fingers crossed for the Classic Hits format to remain in Brisbane and transfer to 4BH. This is a station that rates 10% in the 3rd biggest city in Australia this isnt a 3MP or even a 2CH. I have now switched my allegiance to 4BH. The Laurel, Gary & Mark show aims to entertain and brighten the day of Brisbane each weekday morning, not too newsy, not too heavy and not too silly. Radio Today readers had already picked up on some subtle clues about the transition, with Jayme Doran commenting on our earlier article 4BH is now running its own Classic Hits log and is no longer log sharing with 2UE (has been since Tuesday). 4kq breakfast team. She's a treasure. The station is part of our lives. Have something to share? I do listen to ABC for game day sport and watch plenty on tv. The new station set a limit & make sure you listen responsibly. before some other station beats you to it. Back in primary school, 4BCsMurray Shoringvisited to give a presentation about radio, and thats when I knew I wanted to be an announcer, said Laurel. All Rights Reserved. The station has been an iconic station for years in Queensland, to see it gone is so sad. Planning for the station began after a licence with the callsign 4KQ was granted in August 1946. 4KQ is a commercial radio station in Brisbane, Australia owned by Sports Entertainment Network (SEN). Fans have been left devastated after a popular Big changes: According to a report by The Courier Mail on Thursday, the new owners of 4KQ announced the radio station would become Queensland's 'new. The owner must have deep pockets. After 75 years of broadcasting, the stations final hours on air will celebrate this classic music and feature some familiar voices of the many announcers across the night. I just hope that each of these amazing people can find fulfilment in alternative positions where their passion and skills are recognised and rewarded. 4bc have given the ABC a big boost what were they thinking of. A big Beckham birthday! The former 4KQ breakfast team, Mark Hine (left), Gary Clare and Laurel Edwards.Credit:Facebook. Loved Laurel, Gary and Mark. I lot of my friends are avid listeners. They cover some of the day's topical news, with a couple of funny stories in between and offer a great mix of music and memories. They have made a poor financial move. Im happy to hand them the alarm clock and I cant wait to get cracking on my new Drive show. Poll: Who should replace Ben Fordham on drive next month? 37 Views 1 Like James Cridland The seller, HT&E, was required to sell 4KQ after its acquisition of ARN Regional from Grant Broadcasters in January. There is also a genuine connection with the audience through local programming and customising the playlist to the city. SEN were just looking for a radio dial spot to extend their network, but if they thought they would retain the Brisbane listeners in the deal, they might as well given me their $12mill. 4BH need to treat brisbane as a single entity without the network stuff. 4kq Location Building 40-52 Mcdougall St 4 L 3, Milton, Queensland, 4064, Australia Description Industry Broadcasting Media & Internet The foundations have been laid to give disenchanted 4KQ listeners a new place to find their favourite music, with 4BH repositioning itself as Brisbanes New Home of Classic Hits. 4kq playlist today. Dont forget it was a sports station which cost us 4KQ. Keep it up. Bad move 4KQ absolute rubbish being broadcasted since the recent change. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); I was elated to hear this yesterday, the only problem is, will they gain a chop n change audience, because their audience is not the sort for talkback, its why were on 4kq in first place, Ill have em on in the car, but not at work, even though we are there from 7am, becasue itll be a PITA changing station at 9am every day, we have ZERO interest in excessice self gloating, thats why we changed to 4kq from MMM, too much self indulgent BS, and we already have ABC for talk back too. Great to see this format to keep going have listened to 4 kq for the last twenty years. Channels: Action, Comedy, Cooking Channel, Fireplace Channel, Kids. Its about standing with us when its uncomfortable: World Pride, advocacy and corporate dollars, A rundown of the brands looking to bathe in the sparkle of Sydney World Pride, Were the only one-stop-shop at scale in Australia: EssenceMediacom APAC CEO fires warning shot. Has the format actually failed in the southern states? Edwards, Clare and Hine will bring their top-rating breakfast show Good Times and Great Hits to 4BC from Monday. 3.1K views, 82 likes, 37 loves, 20 comments, 7 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from 4KQ 693AM: This morning Laurel, Gary & Mark celebrated 15-years on-air with help from Sunrise! [9] In 1986, 4KQ was purchased by Wesgo.[10]. Of their final day on air, Laurel Edwards says, This has been my life for 30 years and while today is very emotional, I am so grateful for all the memories I am leaving with. [15] On 30 June 2022 the station's former format ended, ending the long running service of breakfast announcers Laurel Edwards (30 years), Gary Clare (31 years), and Mark Hine (16 years).[16]. I have run a cleaning business in construction since 1979, with focused commitment, and have not had time or energy to develop many close personal connections in my life. Dont get too excited 3mp has had no impact in Melbourne. [8], In 1978 the station moved to 693kHz. You have torn the heart out of Brisbane radio for the older demographic., Another observed The void 4KQ leaves behind is too big for ACE not to afford 4BH much greater investment in talent and much format leverage., A few subtle changes are already underway at 4BH but do they meet the objective of becoming the default option for listeners once 4KQ closes?, Alternatively listeners will disperse all over the place (in particular will be interesting to see whether ARN paint River 94.9 in capital city colours or keep if strictly local) or, worse for radio, some listeners will switch off altogether., Note to 4BH & ACE Radio Broadcasters if you want to take maximum advantage of the exodus from 4KQ when 693 becomes 24/7 sport talk, do the following: Geet a local DJ/presenter or two, a Brisbane name. Play songs of Brisbane bands from the classic hits era (e.g. Send us your media releases. LMG had a huge breakfast share and former 4KQ listeners will tune into 4BC breakfast in droves, most likely switching to 4BH for mornings. I've been a listener [for] close to 30 years'. People want to listen to something theyre familiar with.. According toSports Entertainment Network, the changes are set to take place in July,with a 'sports-focused format'. PLEASE 4BH adopt 4KQs format and you cant go wrong. 4KQ's Breakfast Team (left to right) Mark Hine, Laurel Edwards and Gary Clare, Thursday, June 23, 2022 - Picture: Richard Walker Radio Ga-Ga: Brisbane farewelled classic hits station 4KQ in 2022 after 75 years on air - but it certainly didn't go quietly. SYDNEYMELBOURNEPERTH. Test yourself with this Cockney Rhyming Slang quiz. What is happening in this photo? By clicking 'Accept' on this banner or using our site you accept our use of cookies. Ive gotten a number of e-mails and messages from Ross on Radio readers, appreciative of our coverage of 4KQ Brisbane, Australia, the highly successful Classic Hits AM, which is in the process of being sold to Australias sports radio network, SEN. 4KQ MD Brent James . And bring across the breakfast team. Laurel, Gary and Mark, who finished at 4KQ on June 24, will bring their top-rating breakfast show to 4BC from Monday, July 11, reports The Courier-Mail. 7NEWS at 6pm. 693 SENQ will provide a unique offering and constant sporting content like never before as Queenslands only dedicated sports station.. Cleanliness 3.4. Gary has had two stints at 4KQ totalling 31 years. Quick example, take note Trevor Sinclair, if you play Neil Diamond, then go for something like Crunchy Granola, not Love on the rocks, or Bachman Turner Overdrive instead of your favourite Lionel Ritchie, please! 2022 Brett Debritz. You cant beat that type of music . Today is a celebration of the success we have achieved, and all the people who have helped along the way., Clare added: Part of our success is how close-knit we are as a team, but we must also acknowledge our listeners. The Laurel, Gary & Mark show aims to entertain and brighten the day of Brisbane each weekday morning, not too newsy, not too heavy and not too silly. 4KQs current breakfast team of Mark Hine (left), Gary Clare and Laurel Edwards.Credit:Facebook. A daily podcast of the morning's show is also produced. And Im a 68-year-old!! We could have waited, but just thought lets get going., All the stuff that 4KQ listeners are going to miss, well be able to deliver.. Laurel Edwards,Gary ClareandMark Hineare bringing their top-rating breakfast show Good Times and Great Hits to Brisbanes4BC 882from 5.30 am on Monday, July 11. Symphony #2 in D Op 36 Gee, dont tell 4KQ who have a 3 person breakfast team! 1750 episodes totalling 648 hours, 30 minutes. Ask Roxy, Carsales and Sydney Swans announce new partnership, TikTok introduces new screen time features for teens, Cannings Purple launches two new offerings, Jayne Ferguson joins Women in Media board of directors, Pureprofile appoints Liz Smith to board of directors, Wise launches new brand to reflect global community. Prince Harry shares struggles to be his 'authentic true self' growing up, saying he felt pressures to 'come As Prince Harry says he felt like the film 'the boy in the bubble' before having therapy, who was What will the next pandemic be? are bringing their top-rating breakfast show , is moving to the Drive shift with his new show, will take up a new role as political contributor across 4BC and. I am pleased to hear that Brent James in particular will continue his brilliant 60s Hits series on 4BH, my NEW station as of midnight tonight, or when I turn the radio on tomorrow and tune it to 1116kHz! The comments from the listener are valid. Taylor tells Radio Today There was a clear and obvious hole in the market. I work in a bookshop and when we tuned to their supposed sister station 97.3 both staff and customers did not like what we heard. Morality and media does the combination exist? Yes boomers, I am a snowflake. Its not just Baby Boomers who are 4KQs listeners but other generations too. He started in the mid 80s before returning in the mid-90s, first as Breakfast producer and then on-air. Not sure about the ex 4KQ being talkback 4KQ's current breakfast team Mark Hine, Laurel Edwards and Gary Clare "We thank Laurel, Gary and Mark for their many years of service," a statement from ARN said. Only an extreme optimist would predict that they will attract anywhere near the size of audience of KQs Laurel Edwards who has been a fixture on KQ for three decades Gary Clare and Mark Hine. I hope they follow the format of 693 to the letter. And for us, as the listeners, we are left stunned, with a massive void in our lives. Bring the breakfast radio team across and Ill listen to 4BH. You can also 'Read More' to view our Cookie Policy and learn how to control them. I stopped listening to 4kq years ago because of the stupidity of the 3 stoogers. Triple M unveils its commentary team for 2023 NRL season, Lachy Perry: From AFTRS to Workday Announcer at 94.9 PowerFM, Kate Ritchie rumoured to be returning to Nova on another show, Sydneys 2CH becomes SEN as Crocmedia confirms sports format, Nine revives Magic to replace Macquarie Sports Radio, Michael McLaren to host National Overnights on Nine Radio, SCAs Hit Network axes 19 regional breakfast shows. Host and Guest on The Daily Show Podcast witho, Host on The Daily Show: Ears Edition, The Daily Show Podcast Unive, and On Second Thought: The Trevo, and Guest on Stand Up. Laurel joined 4KQ in 1992 and recently celebrated her 30 th anniversary, making her the longest serving female radio announcer on the same program. I miss that. Gary Clare has often referred to the lack of acknowledgment for their efforts by the boss. New Drive host Neil Breen welcomes the latest editions to 4BC with open arms. I love the presenters deep knowledge of the singers and bands and the snippets of information they give. Thank you for reverting back to easy listing music I started listing 40 years ago and was disappointed when you changed format a while back, but now I have 4BH back all my radios. Rob. I will definitely move to 4BH its the type of music I love its my era . Bring em back some of them, if not all, must be alive. Fine let the sports freaks listen to 4 BC. A man was hospitalised for six days after laughing so hard at a joke on his local radio station when he was driving that he crashed his car. Along with so many people in Brisbane and beyond, that dedicated group of 4KQ personalities and their support group, who have given their lives and energy, sharing their passion with the people of Brisbane for such a long time, are the stabilising backdrop of my life. I dont like sport blaring from my radio and will never listen to it! The 4KQ 693AMbreakfast team is marking 15 years together. The biggest beneficiary could be another Nine-owned station, 4BH, which caters to a similar classic hits audience. Cruise-goers reveal their most terrifying incidents at sea - from watching a ferocious Do YOU know your Adam and Eve from your Ruby Murray? Keen to get away from the neighbours? Play the up tempo/ up vibe songs. I thought 4BH had gone to sport so it will probably no different with 4KQ. Our hotel is next to the Tyap Fair Convention and Congress Center and only 19 kilometers from Istanbul . By Demeter Stamell For Daily Mail Australia, Published: 14:02 GMT, 5 May 2022 | Updated: 14:15 GMT, 5 May 2022. Could not see myself listening to has-beens talking sport! Jayme says he, for one, wont be giving the new sports format a chance on 693: Many will be turning off 693 once they switch to sport. People just grow accustomed to waking up to their favourite people, theyre part of the family, he said.. If they go somewhere else they can take slabs (listeners) with them. To refresh your memories I refer you to my post about this campaign a little further down on my feed | 13 comments on LinkedIn Image: History. Clare has had two stints at 4KQ totalling 31 years. The sale to SEN has, nevertheless, been strategic for ARN as it guarantees that the former KQ will not compete with its existing stations. Brisbanes longest-running, and consistently high-rating, breakfast radio show is among the casualties with the sale of Classic Hits station 4KQ to Sports Entertainment Network. what happened to archie in monarch of the glen; funeral poem our father kept a garden. All Rights Reserved. A creatives review of some local Pridevertising, Why this IWD what women want is for men to show up, Despite the noise, NRL sponsors are back in droves ahead of 2023 season launch. Listen Now. 4kq breakfast team. While carbon copying 4KQ would normally be a BAD idea, with 4KQ going away, its a no brainer, grab the whole lot, team and all and run with it, 4KQ ran #1 and (back when 4BH was live and local) traded places regularly. The acquisition of 4KQ meant SEN would have stations in every capital, bar Canberra. The trio have been Brisbane's longest continual running breakfast show, entertaining listeners for the past 16 years. I stopped listening to 4kq because there were too many ads, especially during the morning show. Retaining the whole 4 KQ as a team, is a no-brainer as to break them up is like ripping their family apart as well. The eternal self centred conversationsyawn.. A life-defining passion: 3AWs Tony Moclair lands dream Airshow role, Bailey Corrigan: Im beyond excited to kick off my dream career, NOW FMs Greg Henry: Attracting radio talent to the country is getting harder and harder, Chris Smith joins TNT Radio for afternoon show. Fans have been left devastated after a popular Queensland radio station announced they'd be 'rebranding'. this chance desnt come around ever, Take it, Run with it, Win it LIVE AND LOCAL. I am looking forward to 4BH coming my favourite Radio station. He started in the mid-80s before returning in the mid-90s, first as a Breakfast producer and then on-air. ARNs chief content officer Duncan Campbell said: This truly is the end of an incredible era in radio history and, like 4KQs legion of loyal listeners, we are sad to be farewelling this iconic Brisbane station. I have been a 4KQ listener for over 20 years, so forget it 4KQ you have lost me as a listener. . He started in the mid 80's before returning in the mid-90's, first as Breakfast producer and then on-air. Inside Prince Harry's finances from when he met Meghan Markle to landing 100M with Netflix and book Spare Royally hard work! My passion for helping people attain optimal well-being and productivity drew me to business and technology, with 6+ years of work experience in pharma retail, finance, and business operations . If you want to immerse your life into sports from the couch, there are many opportunities already. Were very happy with the coverage. Not exactly true, 5kW vs 10kW day. Can you please play my favourite Baby Blue- Graham Bonnet, Goodbye to 4KQ693 sadly missed , goodbye to 693SEN. Edwards said she was thrilled about the change to 4BC. Absolutely disgusting to destroy this great station,' added another. I enjoyed Neil Breens breakfast show and as another comment above indicates, its going to be difficult to listen to him in drive. I was thoroughly enjoying the previous 4bh musicIll be finding another station now, hopefully that play a lot of 70s music.if any such station exists. Jonesy & Amandas JAM Nation Highlights show will move to 4BH from July 11, running it at the same time 4KQ aired it at 6:00pm according to the promo aired tonight on 4BH. I hate all the sports crap PS. Mark Taylor is a smart operator regionally but yet to see what ace can do in a major market. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group. 4KQ will remain on air for another week, officially switching off on Thursday June 30 at midnight. Peter, Unhappy to see the change. Watch this space. This is encouraging, 4bh has made the same age old mistake, that is because a song is easy or slow it is not necessarily listenable, some of their stuff is meloncholly, or just morbid and sad. Get onto it ACE! We asked the experts - and their answers will terrify you Five unexpected signs in your 20s and 30s you're at risk of developing heart disease later in life. Edwards joined 4KQ in 1992 and recently celebrated her 30th anniversary, making her the longest-serving female radio announcer on the same program. SPORTS Entertainment Network has announced it has acquired the commercial AM licence, formally 4KQ, in Brisbane. It appears they are getting ready now for when 4KQ switches to sport., According to its website, 4BH will introduce its own versions of Sunday Morning 60s and Jukebox Saturday Night (long time staples of 4KQ).. 4KQ's main programming component was formerly classic hits music. Pictured, breakfast hostsLaurel, Gary & Mark. Video shows reports from 10, Seven and Nine News Brisbane.. 'Our business model is sport, and parochial sport is at the heart of that. Firstly 4BH needs to get their audio processing on DAB+ to sound like 4KQs which is very full and virtually pops out of the stereo. Of their final day on air, Laurel Edwards said: "This has been my life . [4][5][6], On 1 September 1948, the station changed to 690kHz, although was marketed in the 1970s and 1980s as 4KQ 700. 4BH used to be the leader in music: Bill Gates, Dal Myles, John Kerr etc. Today marks the end of an incredible chapter in the history of radio as Laurel Edwards, Gary Clare and Mark Hine host 4KQs popular breakfast show for the very last time. There are so many people we work with every day that we will miss, yet I am so proud of everything we have achieved and am looking forward to what is to come. May 6 update: Radio veteran Ian Skippen has told The Courier-Mail that the 4KQ breakfast team could take its large audience to another station. "We know Queenslanders love their sport," Hutchison said. Have used multiple Sims, gone through each station multiple times, it will not unlock. Seems we (the older set) were just completely forgotten about. The current owners, HT&E/ ARN, were forced to offload KQ under Australias media ownership rules. radioinfo ABN: 960 699 39797 | PO Box 6430 North Ryde NSW 2113 Australia. , who also hosts the morning shift, KQ struck a chord with Brisbane audiences. Yeah definitely do that, but not with Dave D. Whitcomb. If. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 26 June 2022 It was late Sunday afternoon when we received an anonymous tip.As rumour would have it, 4KQ, which was recently sold 27 June 2022 Canberra listeners will now be able to enjoy non-stop racing and sport content, with Sports Entertainment Network announcing the arrival Have something to share? Today is a celebration of the success we have achieved, and all the people who have helped along the way., Gary Clare says, Part of our success is how close-knit we are as a team, but we must also acknowledge our listeners. What is Mala? I would love to hear a fair balance of ELVIS PRESLEY`S music, 4KQ actually phased him out of their playlist and since they went off the air then I found 4BH and have not heard one Elvis song so can we please have a fair balance of ELVIS`S music. The newly renamed SENQ will feature a sport line-up spearheaded by Channel 7 stalwart Pat Welsh and cricketer-turned-broadcaster Ian Healy. No ifs buts or maybes. Inappropriate today, perhaps it is time to grow up and move away from the 1970s. heidi swedberg talks about seinfeld; voxx masi wheels review; paleoconservatism polcompball; did steve and cassie gaines have siblings; trevor williams family; max level strength tarkov; zeny washing machine manual; 4kq breakfast team. The classic hits station was launched on May 7, 1947, as a Rock n Roll station, but by the 90s was winning over listeners and ratings with its classichitsmusic format. "We'll be sure to give Laurel, Gary and Mark . Play songs and albums on demand. 4kq breakfast teamdaily news subscription phone number. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. See also: Hutchy spends $12m on ARNs 4KQ as SEN completes east coast metro network, Top image: Top image left to right: Mark Hine, Laurel Edwards and Gary Clare, Hutchy spends $12m on ARNs 4KQ as SEN completes east coast metro network, Whats changed and whats stayed the same for 4BCs Laurel, Gary and Mark, Shake Up: Behind the 4BC Breakfast and Drive lineup changes, 4KQs Laurel, Gary and Mark find a new home on Nines 4BC 882, Roundup: Netflix layoffs, Eddie McGuire and Neil Mitchell, + more, Seven claims #1 in total TV and broadcast, calls for daily BVOD data. is pepperoni processed meat; pictures of yin yang tattoos. Back in primary school, 4BCs Murray Shoring visited to give a presentation about radio, and thats when I knew I wanted to be an announcer. Im just not sure that LMGs light entertainment style is well suited to 4BCs format. RCA 77161:17PM Funeral March of a Marionette Ariadne Daskalakis, violin Felix Mendelssohn 101.7 MHz is its main frequency, but it also features two repeaters outside Sidney: 88.3 MHz in the Macarthur region, and 99.1 MHz centered in the Richmond/Hawkesbury . Best known for being a talk format radio station in Brisbane. Is news coverage a safe environment for advertisers? that the 4KQ breakfast team could take its large audience to another station. About Us; Staff; Camps; Scuba. If the whole 4KQ team is grabbed by 4BH, I would make the switch in a heartbeat, but I will tune to 4KQ till 30th June. Consider a big Easter/Christmas countdown, similar to the 4KQ Easter Countdown of 1000 Hits., If you manage to implement some or all of these, loyal 4KQ listeners are going to be more likely to make the switch to 4BH.. 4bh should bring back greg victor richard perno and judy bourke who made the station popular in the late 90s. KJSYUFL took out BEST STATION PROMOTION at the ACRAS !!!!! February 27, 2023 alexandra bonefas scott No Comments . Their final show comes a week out from the classic hits station turning off the mics next Thursday, June 30. Current 4BC breakfast host Neil Breen will move to the drive shift with his new show Brisbane Live, while Scott Emerson will take up a role as political contributor across 4BC and Nine Radios other talk stations. But I will miss Neil Breen at breakfast and the more serious news content he provided. Thats what makes it unique. And the never ending songs from those 4 talentless pommies and the beach bums..please, give me a break. ABC Radio Brisbana broadcasts local programs called Breakfast Mornings Afternoons Drive Evenings Saturday Breakfast Weekend Mornings Categories: Local, News, Community Rating: Last edited on 20 September 2022, at 21:49, Australian Communications & Media Authority, "Liberals protest 4KQ cut speech by Hiley", "Radio change costly (You'll need new dial)", HTE buys Grand Broadcasters and will merge it with ARN network, ARN's parent company acquires Grant Broadcasters, SEN continues Queensland expansion with 4KQ 693AM Acquisition, "Goodbye 4KQ, as classic tunes to be replaced by non-stop sport", "Laurel, Gary & Mark sign off from 4KQ breakfast ending an era", Archived website for 4KQ prior to 2022 sale,, This page was last edited on 20 September 2022, at 21:49. The Breakfast Creek Hotel is arguably the most famous watering hole in Queensland and probably one of the top two or three in the country. Thank You Thank You. Change your format to include music from the 1950s also. I left school at 16 with six GCSEs - and became a self-made millionaire. They are not radio types at all but are all devasted at the loss of 4KQ. Home; Mine; Mala Menu Toggle. However, from 4BCs perspective, it is probably a ratings bonanza. We have identical coverage and a well maintained transmission site. 4KQ's Breakfast Team (left to right) Mark Hine, Laurel Edwards and Gary Clare, Thursday, June 23, 2022 - Picture: Richard Walker Edwards, who recently celebrated 30 years with 4KQ, said they'd known the station was being sold for a number of months but had hoped the new owners would continue the same format. is happy with the deepening community connection the additions bring to 4BC. 4KQ breakfast team finds new home at 4BC Bray Boland Share on twitter Share on facebook Laurel Edwards, Gary Clare and Mark Hine are bringing their top-rating breakfast show - Good Times and Great Hits - to Brisbane's 4BC 882 from 5.30 am on Monday, July 11. George Ezra rakes in the spins with Green Green Grass: AirCheck, Christian OConnell officially becomes an Australian citizen, Tonis new book riding high on the bestseller lists, Dean Lewis performs live song that brings Erin Molan to tears, Click here to sign up to our free daily newsletter for the latest in radio, audio and podcasting news and jobs. When love turns to shit, make toilet paper, COD and Pizza Hut: Now delivering direct to your parents basement, Is there something in the PR water? Sign up to our free daily update to get the latest in media and marketing. New Drive host Neil Breen says, I think its a masterstroke to bring Laurel, Gary and Mark to 4BC. Arthur Black, Im disappointed with this change. Goodbye 4KQ, as classic tunes to be replaced by non-stop sport. As an avid listener of both 4BC and the former 4KQ, I do wish LMG well and hope that they keep the 4KQ legacy alive. For now, lets celebrate the station that is, and its storied history, before we mourn the loss of a unique Brisbane voice. | All content 1996-2023. News Laurel Edwards, Gary Clare and Mark Hine are bringing their top-rating breakfast show, Good Times and Great Hits, to Brisbane's 4BC 882 from 5.30am on Monday, July 11. 4kq great set & forget station all day every day for the past 42 years for me personally. Many listeners argued that there was enough sport, and insisted the beloved radio station should stay exactly as it is. I will be switching to 4BH as well as Magic 1278 from Melbourne (via Streaming) for music., Hopefully ACE Radio can get some or most of the 4KQ team to come across to 4BH.. Go for it 4BH. Thanks Brent, Thanks for the memories! When will the Beast from the East be at YOUR door? I couldnt imagine anything worse. [12][13] In May 2022, Sports Entertainment Network purchased the station. The Nine Network own it and hold the purse strings. 4 July 2022 Nik Stuart has been appointed General Manager for the SCA Mackay market, effective immediately.In his new remit, Stuart will lead 5 July 2022 The latest from the Marketing and PR Departments for Survey 4 2022. charles bronson son george, taurus child cancer mother,